Nokia’s former luxury brand Vertu sends invites for new device launch

Vertu Constellation

In 1998, Nokia founded  VERTU, a luxury mobile phone company that produced “handmade” phones using exotic materials, and offering luxury services like a personal (human) assistant, live support, tickets for events etc. With the downfall of Nokia and rise of the iPhone as the “luxury-enough” phone, Vertu’s Business started going downhill.

Nokia sold most of Vertu in 2012 to EQT, while retaining 10% of the share. Vertu changed its owner few more times, while Nokia got rid of Vertu shares completely. The saga of Vertu is long and interesting, but in short – Vertu’s owner from China sold the company to the new owner from Turkey. Financial problems and fraud accusations appeared, and the brand ended in TCL’s hands. TCL holds the license for Nokia’s Alcatel and BlackBerry’s BlackBerry brand, and manufactures these devices. If you’re interested more in Vertu’s past, check these articles here.

GSMArena reports that Vertu invited Chinese media to a new launch event. Photos published by ITHome show that the Beijing event is called “Live or die“, and it is interesting that Vertu boasts the “Handmade in England” tagline below their logo.

The event is scheduled for 17th October and more info will be available then.

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