Nokia XR20 receiving new Build update

Nokia XR20
Nokia XR20

Nokia XR20, the toughest Nokia available on the market, started receiving new Android Build. The update V2.450 counts 117MB and it brings UI enhancements and system stability improvements. There is also the October security patch included in it.

It took a while for a phone to install the update and optimize all the apps, but all went OK. The update is available here in Croatia, but also in France according to our reader Etienne. This suggests that the update should be available elsewhere.

Nokia XR20 – new Android 12 Build (V2.480). Shot with X30

Now, regarding the visible changes, I couldn’t find any, but the phone does seem to be more responsive, and the camera app processes photos faster. I did notice that after the last Build update, the battery on my XR20 was still being drained faster than it should, so maybe this is bringing a patch for that issue. There were still some problems with the fingerprint reader being a bit slow and constantly opening the camera so I needed to turn the quick camera start off. That particular issue is gone after this update.

It was a strange feeling using XR20 after being on for two weeks on X30. When you switch from XR20, you really notice how elegant Nokia X30 really is (or how big of a tank Nokia XR20 really is).

Thanks Etienne for the tip ;). Hope you are enjoying your XR20.


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