James Robinson is new head of North and West Europe at Nokia Mobile

A photo of James Robinson

Nokia Mobile have a new general manager for North and West Europe. James Robinson is an Aussie by origin with an extensive resume with HTC from 2014 – 2017, Blackberry in 2013 and Samsung from 2009 – 2012 as an account manager. You can check more info about James at his LinkedIn account. He also served as country manager in ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) and PI (Pacific Islands). Under his management, Nokia mobile became a top 5 smartphone player and the Number 1 feature phone brand in Australia.

The western Europe market could benefit a lot from Robinson’s extensive resume. Nokia Mobile started a process of returning to its roots a few years ago and the Western Europe market became its focus once again. Robinson will have a hard task of bringing back long-time Nokia fans in Europe to once again use Nokia smartphones.

Nokia feature phones are still a synonym for a reliable phone, but with X30, Nokia Mobile is announcing a comeback. Nokia itself is helping Nokia mobile by taking the BBK phones out of the game with the patent infringement case. Nokia Mobile needs to make use of this gift and offer its latest midranges as a solid substitute for Vivo, Oppo and the rest of BBK brands.