Overall smartphone production fell by 11% in Q3

Trendforce has released the latest statistics of smartphone production for Q3 2022, which show a high 11% decline compared to the same period last year. We. point out that this is production data, not the deliveries or sales, because these they may differ.

According to Trendforce, Samsung retained first place with a 22.2% market share, which is more than in the same period last year, but in Q4 they predict a drop in production due to the intention to deliver devices that have already been produced.

Then comes Apple with a share of 17.5%, which represents a noticeable drop compared to the same period last year, given the already known situation in Foxconn’s factories in China.

Xiaomi is in third place with a 13% share, thus maintaining the same position as the year before. Let us remind you that Xiaomi also owns the Redmi and Poco brands in its portfolio.

Oppo is in fourth place with an 11.6% share, but Trendforce here included the OnePlus and Realme brands too. The fifth place is taken by Vivo with an 8.5% share, which also includes the IQOO brand. In the end, both Oppo and Vivo are owned by BBK Electronics, as an umbrella company, which therefore in this case cumulatively takes 20.1% of the global market share.