Nokia Mobile teasing about new services

There are not many days left until the September 1 event where Nokia Mobile plans to announce new devices and gadgets, and teasing has started already begun. Judging by the latest tweet, which shows a circle in the forest, Nokia Mobile could be hinting that new devices will once again have circular camera modules. But there is another explanation that is more likely. The circle in the forest could indicate sustainability, which Nokia (the networking giant) values very much. Also, some recent leaks point to the Circular subscription service.

Nokia itself has announced that its future networking business will be greener than ever. The new circular products and services will ensure more sustainable development of future networks. It seems Nokia wants to extend the circular economy to its brand partners and Nokia Mobile might be the best partner to promote sustainability goals. Not too long ago, some Nokia smartphone users received messages about Circular subscriptions on their phones via the MyPhone app. Not much is known yet about this new subscription and how it works, but it should point to more sustainable use or manufacturing of Nokia phones. That should explaing the use of #PlayTheLongGame hashtag.

It would be nice to see your phone being reused after you transitioned to a new Nokia device. It would be nice if Nokia Mobile could offer discounts for old phones while purchasing a new one. Samsung is doing the same for its foldable phones and it seems to that this action is working well.

But hey, September 1st is not that far away!


Nokia Mobile