Nokia Mobile planning to introduce new subscription service named Circular

The frequent and violent weather changes have shown us how fragile our ecosystem is, and it is time to do something about it. It does not have to be anything radical, it can be a small act like separating plastic from mixed waste or picking up a piece of paper from the ground and throwing it in the trash can. You can even take Jordan Peterson’s advice and start your day by making a bed. This will put your mind into responsibility mode, and our environment needs more responsibility from us to preserve it for future generations.

Nokia started thinking about regenerative capitalism for a sustainable future a few years ago. This involves circular products and services that could and probably will help reduce the environmental impact of Nokia’s products, operations, manufacturing and supply chains. It appears that Nokia Mobile will be introducing something similar, as owners of Nokia smartphones in the UK have started to receive messages about a new subscription service called Circular. I reached Nokia Mobile but they couldn’t provide info on this since they do not comment on future unannounced services. This means that the Circular should be launched or at least presented at IFA2022.

This is what users received on the MyPhone app.

According to the ad received, Circular is a mobile subscription service through which you can access the best of Nokia without owning a device. There you’ll receive sustainable rewards, help keep devices out of landfills, and enjoy many other benefits.

Unfortunately, no more information about Circular is available and we will have to wait until September 1. It looks like this subscription is aimed at all those who actively recycle their old devices and probably get a discount on Nokia devices. If this turns out to be true, then this is a nice, sustainable way to recycle and attract new customers.

Thanks Luke for the tip and screenshots!