Nokia 8210 4G unboxing video

The Nokia 8210 4G is one of the few Nokia original series that Nokia Mobile introduced in July. While the new Nokia 5710 XM looks super cool with the earphones built right into the phone, the Nokia 8210 4G is something I have been waiting for. Back in 1999, it was the most sought-after phone, and now everyone can finally have it. The phone was launched in India, one of the most important markets for Nokia Mobile, and there you can get it for 3999₹ rupees. That’s sort of the standard price for the phones in the original series, and the Nokia 3310, 5310 and 6310 also had a similar price.

I think the refreshed design is well done, although I would have expected a bit more originality on the back of the device, which resembles the Nokia 225 4G. Check out the unboxing and comparison to the original 8210 I found on Youtube.

The original is super small compared to the new 8210, but the plastic used for the covers of the original seems to be of better quality, which is to be expected since it was a flagship phone in 1999. For this reason, the new Nokia 8210 4G might be a bit of a disappointment for those who’d the original as a daily driver, and for those who collect the 8210 (see the short review of the Nokia 8210 4G below and you’ll see what I’m talking about).

I must say that I like the shape of the device and it has the potential of becoming a rather popular 4G feature phone. How do you like the Nokia 8210 4G, will you get it?