Nokia 2760 Flip is rated terribly on Walmart

Nokia 2760 Flip
The Nokia 2760 Flip is powered by the latest KaiOS 3

The Nokia 2760 Flip is a US-only feature phone that runs on KaiOS 3. It offers a familiar Nokia design, a USB-C port, a 5MP rear camera with LED flash, and 4G LTE connectivity. What’s more is that the phone also features a secondary display, a typical feature for all Nokia flip phones before.

Having a secondary display allows the users to see some relevant information such as time, and upcoming calls without flipping the device open. Currently, the Nokia 2760 Flip is listed on Walmart for only $29.88 for Straight Talk and $19.88 for TracFone. Yes, it is cheap but just because it is doesn’t mean people don’t have the right to complain about their experiences.

Both Walmart listings for the Nokia 2760 Flip are filled with terrible reviews. Some are valid complaints, some are well, a result of buying but not reading anything. For a start, Straight Talk and TracFone are one of the worst carriers in all of North America. With a Trust Pilot score of only 1.2 stars, we can’t expect any delightful experience from it. Surprisingly though, the terrible reviews don’t come from the fact that the Nokia 2760 Flip is a Straight Talk or a TracFone device.

The TracFone listing on Walmart only has 1.6-star ratings

Most of the complaints we see are all about the phone experience. In one review for the TracFone version, a customer complained about the flimsiness of the device. One also noted that the phone is difficult to open, and if it does, he has to hold the device at an awkward angle to see the screen. In other words, the phone doesn’t open all the way through. Furthermore, the user also points out the lack of WiFi calling and expandable storage. And while he praises the service it came with, he is not fond of the unintuitive predictive text which is “not like real T9”. One user even goes on to announce that anyone should “stay away from this phone”.

Straight Talk
The Straight Talk rating is not that pleasant as well, but better than TracFone’s

For the Straight Talk version, almost the same complaints. The service is good, but the experience isn’t. One user complains about the keypad feeling a little cheap, while the other user is kind of lost with the operation. He even claims to have spent time searching on the computer on how to navigate through the phone. Only if he has searched the box first for some user guide. In a completely different mood, one user praises the phone for a digital detox and likes the fact that it has preinstalled Maps and a calendar.

Does a phone this cheap deserves such a terrible rating? Tell us in the comments below.

You may visit the Nokia 2760 Flip listings using these links: Straight Talk/TracFone