#Nokia6 is reportedly an extremely durable device

Latest info from China suggest that Nokia 6 passed the quality testings with one of the best results for mobile devices on the market. HMD promised “old-Nokia-like” quality devices, and it seems that the 6 fulfills that promise.

Source mentions that Nokia 6 remained operational

  • under 150N pressure,
  • on temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) up to 85°C (185°F)
  • in a 97 % humidity environment
  • through 200 testing cycles, with one of the best industry results.

The durability of Nokia 6 is still far away from devices like CAT B15Q, but for a “mainstream” phone it is promising. It’s a shame that Nokia 6 is not waterproof, knowing that that would add size and weight to the phones. Still, Nokia 6 is fairly heavy with 169g, but with a thickness of only 7.85mm (without the camera bump).

Source: VTechgraphy


#Nokia 6 has Hybrid In-Cell screen technology. A touch of a high class!