Nokia 2.2 and X20 are getting a new updates

Android 12 lands on Nokia X20
Android 12 lands on Nokia X20

There is some new update coming to Nokia phones. So far the diligent Nokia fans reported that Nokia 2.2 got the June security patch, and Nokia X20 got another Android 13 Build update.

The update for Nokia 2.2 is now available and the folks in Malaysia are receiving it. The update is bringing security patches for June, which means that Nokia 2.2 could be the first one to get it. Do check your phone and see if the update is available.

Another Nokia phone got the update which is rather interesting. There is a new Android 13 Build available for Nokia X20, or those people that entered the developer preview. The update is rather large, just above 2 GB which means it is bringing a lot of improvements. According to @MohaHotlain, these are the changes,

  1. The system is stable
  2. The main camera app is back
  3. The device has become more smooth and fast as well

Moha told that he can’t sync contacts and had to add them manually. Some gestures like double-tap to light up the screen are missing. Well, as always, I don’t recommend installing the Developer Preview version unless you are restless and prone to adventures.

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