Nokia 7.2, Nokia G50 and XR20 receiving new updates

Updates for Nokia phones at home are usually coming late so here is a list of what updates are available for the Nokia phones collection I spend time with at home. Nokia 7.2 got the May security patch just recently which is 8.38 MB large. The update is available previously for the rest of the world, but now you can get it in the EU, or Croatia to be exact.


Nokia G50

While a new security patch is usually not so exciting, Android Builds definitely are and Nokia G50 and Nokia XR20 just received it here in Croatia, but also in some other markets around the EU. The new Build update V2.310 for Nokia G50 is 152 MB large and it is bringing UI enhancements, improved system stability and an April security patch. I haven’t noticed any larger changes since I have just installed it but will check the phone soon and see if something is new. Do report if you notice what has been fixed. Sorry for the unfocused photo, it is always hard to make it great when it is so late…

Beloved Nokia XR20

Nokia XR20 also just received the 113 MB large Android Build update which will take care of some Android 12 bugs. The update V2.360 is bringing the usual, UI enhancements, improved system stability and an April security patch. I just restarted the phone, but since it is still my daily driver, I’ll test if some bugs like frequent camera start while unlocking the phone or battery drain are present in the model I have.

By the way, the installation went smooth for all three phones.

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