Your Top 5 Nokia Phones of All Time? (Video)

Would the Nokia N9 Make Your List?
Would the Nokia N9 Make Your List?

What makes a phone legendary in your eyes? This is a difficult question because we all have different priorities and criteria when judging phones. This was a lot more true back in the day when form factors played a big factor in choosing our phones. Some swore by their QWERTY keyboard phones because they offered the best typing experience. Others would choose based on the way a phone looked since phone capabilities were quite limited. Then there are the tech geeks, who cared deeply about being able to root their devices, and getting the most out of powerful hardware. The top 5 devices on my list are very different from each other. Each provided something for me at a different time in my life and left a big impression on me. Here is the video highlighting my choices and what made me choose them.

My Top 5

  • 5) Nokia E66 (2008)
  • 4) Nokia 808 PureView (2012)
  • 3) Nokia Lumia 930 (2014)
  • 2) Nokia E70 (2006)
  • 1) Nokia N9 (2011)

My list is very sentimental and nostalgia induced, I know 🙂

Nokia 808 PureView was flawed. I loved it
Nokia 808 PureView was flawed. I loved it

What’s your Top 5 Nokia List Of All Time?

Now we would love to hear from you. Which devices make up your list and why? I kept my list devoid of any modern Nokia smartphones, because perhaps I’ll create one just for HMD Nokia Phones in the future!