Counterpoint Research: HMD sold 13.5 million feature phones and 2.8 million smartphones in Q3 2017

This week, IDC published a report about the mobile market in the third quarter of 2017. IDC didn’t publicly share any precise numbers, so we calculated that about 20 million Nokia phones were sold during Q3 2017. Now, Counterpoint Research shared their data about the phone market in Q3 2017, and the numbers are significantly lower than what we calculated from IDC’s data. This estimate made by Counterpoint Research was shared with NokiaPowerUser, and they go as follows:

Q3 2017: 13.5 million feature phones + 2.8 million smartphones = 16.3 million Nokia phones in total

Counterpoint stated that with such results, HMD was the 3rd feature phone vendor and 16th smartphone vendor globally. The combined ranking isn’t made public, but according to IDC, HMD was the 8th biggest phone vendor (smartphone + feature phone) globally.

Considering that Counterpoint’s numbers are 20% lower than what we (it seems wrongly) calculated from IDC’s data, the sales numbers for Q1 and Q2 should be revised by about 20%. If we apply that to our calculations, number of feature phones HMD sold during Q1 and Q2 is about 20 million, and not 25 million units.

Source: Counterpoint Research, via NPU