Nokia holds third place in the UK smartphone market


The smartphone market is seeing its good days with sales figures rising. Francisco Jeronimo from IDC tweeted some interesting data about the UK smartphone market and the top five brands list is quite interesting there. IDC is showing us Q1 shipments here, and although those numbers don’t represent sales, they often do correlate nicely with the buyers will or good marketing effort.

There is nothing new in the top two spots where Apple and Samsung are constantly battling. Apple holds 48% of the market with over 2 million shipped devices. Samsung is second with almost 32% of the market share which increased significantly since Q1 2021, probably thanks to the latest affordable flagships like the FE edition and A52 model.

The biggest surprise is the holder of the third place. Actually, Nokia used to do well in the UK before, but the announcement of the X series and better engagement of the UK marketing team got them 4.3% of the market share. Nokia Mobile shipped 210K of smartphones in Q1, which is over 100K more than the year before.

While the strategical focus on more affordable phones with good build quality might improve shipments, Oppo could soo pass Nokia since it holds 4.2% of the market and has similar shipment numbers.

Pixels becoming more visible in the UK is not a surprise, but the success of pixels reminds me of the early beginnings of One Plus which had a similar strategy of bringing one, or two phones per year.