Would you give 99€ for refurbished Nokia N9

Many Nokia fans consider Nokia N9 as one of the best and definitely most beautiful devices that Nokia has ever made. The biggest recognition of the design of the N9 is that the design of the Lumia series was based on the Nokia N9 design. Also, Nokia N9 brought Fabula design which revolved around the thought of devices becoming an organic extension of our hand. Swipe was introduced as a seamless way of UI control, and now we have swipe gesture control on all major OS devices.

Anyways, if you’d like to own a Nokia N9 device, the Jolla Devices portal is selling them in different colour variants for 90€ to 99€. The devices offered there are all refurbished and will be coming with the Harmattan 1.2 PR 1.3 “EU Swiss” version.

The store is offering other Sailfish OS capable devices, but none of them is as interesting as Nokia N9. There aren’t many buyer reviews, but it seems like a valid shop. I would suggest contacting the seller before just to check the shipping and possibly other details.