Affordable Nokia G100 is going to be durable as a tank

Nokia G100 is a phone announced at CES 2022 for the US market with a price below 150 USD. This phone shares the design of the Nokia G21 and it is going to be available only in Tracfone and Boost. Besides the looks, the Nokia G100 shares also the internal build with the Nokia G21 or G11 except the hardware specs might differ. Techno Rabin has shared a disassembly and reassembly video of the Nokia G100 which reveals not only the aluminium frame but how easy it will be to fix this phone.

Check out the disassembly video first!

Now, check the assembly video to put all the parts you disassembled back to your Nokia G100.



It is shame that these videos that Techno Rabin uploads are not filmed in better quality, since it is cool to see how neat the smartphone internals are.