Affordable Nokia C200 stripped down completely

Nokia Mobile announced a bunch of affordable smartphones for the US market specifically to try and fill up the hole in the market created by the LG going out of the smartphone business. Since Nokia Mobile can’t create a propper midrange phone and they officially gave up from creating the Nokia flagship phone, the best option is to make budget smartphones that still have the elements of the old Nokia devices. Nokia C200 kept the Scandinavian design and build quality worthy of Nokia name, and proof of that is the latest disassembly video published by Techno Rabin. This youtube channel is publishing service videos of various brands, but Nokia dominates its playlist.

By checking out the disassembly video I can say that Nokia C200 will be quite easy to repair (if needed at all). The back cover is removed simply by plastic pick and all the internal hardware parts are kept in place by screws. Also, all the boards are attached to the aluminium frame which what keeps all the latest Nokia devices strong as a hammer, and it is standard in the build process. The aluminium frame is covered by polycarbonate plastic which makes C200 warm and soft to the touch.

Anyways, while Nokia C200 won’t be the fastest phone in the TracFone portfolio, it will outlast most of them.


You’ll probably want to know how to assemble Nokia C200, co check out the assembly video too.


Cheers Techno Rabin for the tip 😉