Nokiamob turns 10!

Well, this is just unforgivable. I was so busy these days that I even didn’t have time for the celebration post. Damn this modern life and capitalism, it takes time from my passion :).

But hey, you know what they say, better late than never. Nokiamob is 10 years old since April 8th, so happy birthday dear blog. It all started back in 2012, a year after the Burning memo happened, and not so long after I got my hands on Nokia Lumia 800. I always wanted to play with Nokia N9, but Lumia 800 was all I could get my hands on, and I liked the phone. Software not so much, although it was more fluid than the good old Symbian. Anyways, Nokiamob also owes its existence to my oldest son, since I got a few days free to finish up the WordPress page and start writing the first posts before the newly born comes home from the hospital.

For the first few years, we were posting only in Croatian, but after the complete collapse of the Nokia smartphone business, Stipe and I decided to start writing in English and was created. The crew changed over the years but mostly stayed the same. However, the activity of the writers changed over time since we all have daily jobs and more or less don’t earn anything over the blog, so all the posts you see here are powered by pure passion and free time.

If you don’t know us yet, Nokiamob consists now of Stipan who is based here in Croatia and in love with Apple lately, Indranil from the country with the most Nokia followers, Abdulla who lives where all the rich YouTubers do, and JK, our connection with the far east.

However, we are not the only contributors to the blog. All of this is maintained for the good of the Nokia community, which was created by the passionate Nokia employees and users of their products. Nokia might not be in the smartphone business anymore, but the spirit of kindness and generosity created many years ago is still present nowadays.

The blog oscillated during the years and in the pre-Covid times, it almost reached million monthly visitors which might be considered respectably. However, since Google is the creator of the trends, and Nokia isn’t pushing most wanted phones anymore, NokiaMob is followed monthly by around 300k to 350K of people from all around the world.

Although we are living in challenging times, and our daily tasks taking most of our free time, we are still trying to keep this blog alive and well. The goal here is to bring news from Nokia and the ex-Nokia world closer to all of those that currently use a Nokia product, or cherish some good old days. Nokia is now doing wonders with licensing deals, which might look like the good old days are back. I am looking forward to seeing what else has Nokia prepared for us and whether some current deals will be changing with the help of the Finns.


I would like to thank all of you for devoting your valuable time coming and spending it on Nokiamob pages, and all the contributors to the blog, Abdulla, JK, Indranil, Stipan and all of those that will be joining us on future ventures.