Nokia N8 used now to create art work

Just a decade ago, Nokia was not just a brand of smart and feature phones. It was a platform for connecting people, a complete ecosystem built on the enthusiasm and pure passion of Nokia’s employees, users, and community members. The true richness wasn’t the models Nokia created, but different people that used those phones. Nokia promoted communication, compassion, sportsmanship, love, and above all creativeness. That creativeness run by passion can be seen even today in Abdulla’s YouTube channel or Nokia Chronicles podcast. But there is another level of creativeness that I stumbled upon just by coincidence.


A peculiar email came to our Nokiamob inbox with a unique request and a video (which I don’t know if it can be shared but there you go). A guy named Paul is an artist that creates sculptures with “old” Nokia devices. He used many Nokia N8 phones to create a sculpture named Parasites which you can check in the images below.

Anyways, Paul had a problem using Nokia N8 device as a webcam and he was searching for a solution for making some old Symbian apps run again. Since none of us has been using Symbian devices for a long time now, the best would be to contact all-mighty Steve Litchfield who suggested setting up a date on the phone before 2011. This is something I did also to run some old apps on my C701 and other phones, but the Symbian hacker days are long over for me.

 Steve’s solution worked like a charm and Paul is now working on a new performance or sculpture His sculptures are interesting as they are interactive, using general sensors and also the phone proximity sensor. Another sculpture of his has an ancient Nokia 3310, and funnily, the sculptures are playing with each other at Snake II.

 This whole thing reminded me of a huge effort Nokia was putting into the promotion of the Nokia N8 camera, and there are some great video works done which you can still find at Vimeo. One of those is a Gulp, the world+s largest stop-motion animation shot completely on Nokia N8.


So, I was glad to help a Symbian user in 2022, or at least to bring happiness to Steve Litchfield that has a chance of providing Symbian tips some 10 years after the Burning Memo.