Nokia 9 PureView and Nokia 5.3 receiving new update

Nokia 9 PureView, the last flagship device from Nokia that tried to make a new direction in computational photography got a new software update. It is not the Android 11, but a March security patch. The update is rather small, just 5.70 MB, but it is available globally. This means that if you are still using Nokia 9, the phone can be made secure and up to date.

Although Nokia 9 is ready to become a shelf legend, there are some folks that are draining every bit of its camera algorithms like Anthony Hunter who creates stunning photos with it. Lately, he has been using Lumia phones, and the photos he creates are marvellous. Do follow him on Twitter.

There is also a new update for Nokia 5.3. Nokia Mobile released a January security patch. It could be that we might have skipped it or Nokia Mobile just released it for 5.3, Anyways, the update is there and it brings security patches, 14.47 MB of patches to be correct.

Thanks Roumen and dytia for tip;)


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