Nokia G20 shows up on Geekbench With Android 12

Nokia G20
Nokia G20

Nokia G20 might have got a better performing successor, but Nokia Mobile plans to bring the Android 12 update sooner for the older device. Numerous GeekBench tests of Nokia G20 popped up in the last month with a few just recently showing Nokia G20 running Android 12.

The latest Android OS version enabled the G20 hardware to score up to 850 points on multi-score and 151 on single-core Geekbench tests, which is OK but still lower than G21 which scores 1205 on multi-core and 305 on single-core tests.

Geekbench results might suggest that Nokia Mobile is testing the updates for the G20, but they don’t indicate an imminent release date. Numerous Nokia devices have been spotted running Android 12 on Geekbench for months now. XR20 even got certified for Android 12, but since Pure, Secure and Up To Date isn’t the company’s motto anymore, it’s unclear when it will arrive.

Even though we shouldn’t bother with security updates or general software updates anymore, it is a relief to know that Nokia Mobile is working on upcoming software releases.

Cmon Nokia Mobile, speed things up!