Nokia 5.4 and 2.4 refreshed with updates

Nokia 5.4
Nokia 5.4

Nokia 2.4 and Nokia 5.4 started receiving new updates. Nokia 2.4 received a March security update with 36.67 MB of fixes. The update is available for TA-1270 and in France but could be a globally available update so check your 2.4.

Owners of Nokia 5.4 reported receiving a new Android 11 Build V2.320. The update brings 109 MB of various fixes that improve system stability and enhance the UI. It also brings February security patch to the board.

Update: Nokia 5.4 got another Android 11 build update that now brings a March security patch (23.87 MB large).

While these smaller updates are still arriving somewhat regularly, the bigger updates like Android 12 are pretty slow, which makes me wonder if there is any problem with how Nokia MObile is taking care of the software tuning. maybe the team isn’t that big and a lot of announced phones isn’t helping.


Big thanks to Nokia Tracker and fakri for the tip and screenshots!

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