Dear Nokia Mobile, can you update the design?

We got pinged on Twitter with a nice meme shared by @NokiaLoopID which shows something I’ve been wanting for quite a while now. It has been almost five years now since Nokia Mobile released its first Nokia smartphone, and every single one came with a pretty wide chin, and some other bezels around the screen. The top and side bezels thinned a bit in the past few years, but the chin is a constant.

When the pop-up selfie camera solution came to the market, I started hoping to see a Nokia device with minimum bezels around the screen, but we all know what happened with that unique camera solution. My wishes for a Nokia phone with ultra thing bezels came to life once again when Juho Sarvikas showed a prototype of a Nokia device that would be a modern version of the Nokia N95, but that thing was cancelled as well as Juho. Now I’m not sure if I’ll ever see a modern Nokia phone designed like Huawei P30 Pro, Sony Xperia pro-I or any other modern phone which a price range above 350€.

Well, maybe there is a chance for all of us to see a Nokia phone with thin bezels since Nokia Mobile still haven’t announced a proper midrange phone and the Nokia 8.3 5G is getting old. While being busy working on a new affordable flagship, Nokia Mobile might be looking into another format that the new Surface duo kept alive. While Samsung and Huawei are working on a foldable phone with ultra thing foldable display, Microsoft just used two displays that connect with a thin bezel in the middle. That concept is also not bad from a design and production point of view but does require screens to be larger so the video and photo content can be viewed. So, is there a chance for Nokia Mobile to make that kind of foldable phone, but in a body of Nokia 2720 or larger? That would be something, right?.

Anyways, do share your opinion on why we are still seeing Nokia smartphones with thick chins and would you be happy to see a foldable like the one on the photo above (but with thinner chin)?