Nokia 2.2 and 3.4 gets updated

The February security patch for Nokia handsets 2.2 and 3.4 was released by Nokia Mobile. The update for 2.2 is available in Pakistan and it has 30.25MB of security patches. The update for 3.4 is available on our device here in Croatia and it weighs 52.97 MB.

If you are a user of these devices, make them secure. I know some dudes with Nokia XR20 that would like to do the same. Currently, the most expensive Nokia device that can be found on the market is still on the December security patch, at least my device is.

The same is telling recently updated the official Update tracker page from Nokia Mobile. A new build v1.190 for Nokia G20 has been available since 04 March, according to the page. The update also includes the February security patch. However, none of the users reported receiving the update.

So, it is now clear that secure and up-to-date is history, and Android One is just a dead letter on paper. According to AOSMark, Nokia is no longer among the top brands with the most recent OS updates. Well, this happens when you have a lot of models to update.

Even though the update delivery speed may not be an issue for some people, the red icons on the Android security page are not appealing, especially if you are trying to sell devices to businesses that need secure and up-to-date devices.


Thanks MickyB Aus, zaryan rehma and myself for the tips and screenshots ;).


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