Nokia Mobile is aware of the charging port issue, willing to address it

Something mass-produced, like (smart)phones, usually gets through the quality control check. But, some of the components used in smartphones can turn out to be bad after a 1-year usage, or so.

New Nokia phones are sturdy with the good build quality, but one component wasn’t the best. Some models like Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6.1 Plus for example, had USB ports that would become loose after longer usage.

Our dear friend from TechbuzzIreland had a problem with the charging of its Nokia 7 Plus. He used its warranty and got the problem fixed. I haven’t had the same problem on my Nokia 7 Plus, but Stipe said to have the problem of charging his Nokia 6.1. Many users in India also reported having the charging port being lose issue on Nokia 6.1, 6.1 Plus, and 7 Plus.

At first, I thought it is something that can be taken care of by sending the unit to the care center, but since many reports started coming, it turned out to be a massive issue, and Juho Sarvikas reacted also. He said that they are aware of the problem at that Nokia Mobile Care has the solution and is prepared to address it.
So, if you are in India and have a problem with your charging port being loose and not charging your phone properly, just take it to the nearest Care center for a repair. I would suggest to all the other Nokia users with a similar issue, to send the device to a service center and get it fixed.

If you have a problem with charging port, tell us what it is, just to see how specific it is.