Nokia G21 and G11 disassembly shows aluminum body inside

Nokia G21 is the latest affordable smartphone from Nokia Mobile where the unique Nokia design is compromised for affordability. There are some hardware parts like a 720p display, ODM design and UNISOC processor that clearly put the device in the lower price range. However, there is a solid 50 MP main shooter, 90Hz display refresh rate and a huge battery that make it not just another ODM smartphone.

I expected to see some compromises below the polycarbonate back cover and sides, but it is still supported by an aluminium frame. This piece of info is revealed in the latest disassembly and reassembly video brought by Yt channel TechnoRabin.

The internal design is super simplified and it looks quite easy to fix. The battery is glued, but it can be easily removed after the glue is dissolved by rubbing alcohol.

Check out the Nokia G21 Disassembly video.

Nokia G11 Disassembly video is pretty much the same as the one for G21.

Nokia G21 should be solid as a tank and it wouldn’t snap in half like the latest One Plus 10 Pro. I understand that the latest lineup isn’t interesting for Zack to durability test, but I’d like to see him try to snap G21 in half. I don’t know if the structural integrity would change with the addition of 5G to the device, but it would be funny to see it being tested on JerryRigEverything.

Cheer to TechnoRabin for tipping us!