Nokia G60 5G gets fully disassembled

Nokia G60 is the latest G series phone from Nokia Mobile. This midranger is bringing some higher specs seen in Nokia X30 but for a more reasonable price. The datasheet of G60 looks good but the key specs are its 50 MP camera and FHD+ screen with 120Hz refresh rate. However, I need to mention IP52 rating, support for dual sim, e-sim, NFC and  5G connectivity.

The lower price might suggest that Nokia Mobile is saving costs on durability but that isn’t the case. The disassembly video by TechnoRabin is showing that Nokia G60 is built like a tank. The aluminium frame that makes it durable is hidden underneath the warm polycarbonate shell.

All is better seen in the disassembly video which you may check below.

The disassembly looks simple. Definitely the hardest step is to loosen the adhesive that holds the plastic back plate firmly in place. The adhesive is tightly set around the back plate and it is most likely responsible for the IP52 rating G60 has, besides other things.

After removing the back plate, you need to unscrew 15 small Torx screws to reach the motherboard. The motherboard and battery are sitting below that protective plastic cover and are quite easy to replace. This suggests that Nokia G60 should be easy to repair.


Looks like a quite nice device, right?