Nokia G50 picks up January security patch

The Nokia G50 is the best model in the G series, and it is probably the last Nokia G series device to come with a circular camera. However, after watching a few hands-on videos of the Nokia G21, the overall impression of the phone isn’t (that) bad. But, the real point of the post is that Nokia G50 has just picked up a January security patch deep in February. The update is 55.25MB large and available in the EU.

What I wanted also to say is that Nokia G50 is a really good phone that is just 40 € pricier than the G21, it has a decent 48MP camera, and it supports 5G. So, if G21 isn’t something you’d hang with for at least 2 years, G51 might be.

How is your Nokia G50 holding on?

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