Nokia Mobile in search of Product Lead for Entry devices

Nokia Mobile is in search of a person that would fill up the position of Product Lead for Entry Devices. The job requirement is to run the product portfolio that consists of entry-level Nokia smartphones and Nokia feature phones that Nokia Mobile is currently running.

The job advert is posted on HMD’s LinkedIn account, and the office space would be located in Shenzhen, Beijing or Taipei. Before any of you answer the call, you should have 12~15 years of global product management experience in mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

It seems to me that the current Lead of Entry devices, Won Chang, is leaving the company. He came to Nokia from Samsung in 2011, stayed with Nokia till the very end and continued working for Microsoft till 2016 when he went to HMD Global. So, another ex-Nokia veteran is leaving the Finnish startup from a rather meaningful role.

Entry and feature phone devices are currently running the Nokia brand on the market, but the number of devices sold is shrinking in crucial markets. However, I like the new trend of making the entry-level Nokia devices more hardware competent and whoever inherits the chair should continue doing that with one exception. Stop ruining the Nokia Originals by making empty polycarbonate shells.


Thanks Thomas Verbaken for the tip 😉