Nokia C12 looks quite easy to disassemble

A removable battery is not very common in modern smartphones. There are many reasons for this: easier manufacturing, better dust and water tolerance, and durability of the frame. However, if the battery loses power or a glass on the back shatters, the repair costs become quite high. On the other hand, the option of a removable battery is a rarity today and is reserved for entry-level models like the Nokia C12.

The Nokia C12 is a recently announced, very affordable Nokia smartphone that runs the GO edition of Android 12 and looks very basic. The first Nokia phone of 2023 has a removable back cover, a removable 3850 mAh battery and easily accessible internal parts that make the phone super easy to repair and maintain. It looks like a good old Nokia phone from 2007 that you can easily disassemble and replace parts yourself. I really like that and would love to get my hands on the C12 and take it apart like I used to do with Symbian Nokia phones.

You might also think that the Nokia C12 is not stable because it is so easy to disassemble, but that would be wrong. There is an aluminium plate behind the motherboard that makes the device look pretty stiff. There is also a heat-conducting paste on the processor, which rests on the aluminium plate and thus serves as a heat sink.

If you want to know how easy it is to disassemble the Nokia C12, check out the latest video from Techno Rabin.

Cheers Techno Rabin for the tip 😉