Nokia TA-1520 passes FCC certification

A new Nokia device model TA-1520 has just cleared the FCC certification process. The phone is a standard 4G smartphone with a 3000 mAh battery and rounded design. The battery capacity and the label suggest that the back of the phone will be removable. The label also reveals the existence of 3.5 mm audio jack.

The most attractive thing about this device so far is its model number which reminds me of Nokia’s glory days. Nowadays we can only dream of having a phone like Lumia 1520 was. But hey, after a flood of affordable phones there got to be a time for one decent affordable flagship?

Actually, this model number is not new, just adjusted for the global market. TA-1520 is actually N152DL which was mentioned by Evleaks previously and there we have a visible confusion. According to Evleaks, N152DL is Nokia G400 or G21, and here we are seeing a 3000 mAh battery smartphone with a removable back. Well, this time I’m trusting FCC documents.

Update – Our Indranil did some digging and confirmed that Nokia TA-1520 is Nokia C100 or DrakeLite which Nokia Mobile announced for the US market. The design he found on FCC (and I do wonder where), does resemble the device rendered on the label. Also the an older Geekbench entry confirms it will be coming with Android 12.

Anyways, after checking the specs that FCC documents have revealed, I can say that new entry phones are much better than they were a year or two ago. For a reasonable price you are getting GSM, LTE, BT, dual WiFi connectivity.

The only thing missing in these phones is nfc and 5G connectivity, and those options will surely be available in this phone class soon.