Nokia TA-1401 passes FCC after TA-1404 and TA-1412

Another new Nokia smartphone model called TA -1401 has passed the FCC certification process. Judging by the device specifications, it is most likely an LTE version of TA -1412 and TA -1404, as this model is mentioned in the latter’s certificate. It could also be the certificate for the recently announced Nokia G100, a 4G device with a 5000 mAh battery.

The published certificate documents state a battery capacity of 4900 mAh. However, Nokia Mobile never officially announced the hardware specifications of the G100, so it is difficult to determine whether it is a US-only model or a global version.

There was some information that Nokia Mobile will launch the US-exclusive phones globally and make some hardware changes like TA -1412/ TA -1404. According to the source, the new Nokia lineup announced at CES 2022 might be announced as a global version (2760 Flip, C11, C21, G11 & G40 maybe?).

This makes sense, as Nokia Mobile would then not have to invest in developing new models through various ODMs. However, this is not confirmed yet, so we will have to wait for more information.


Source: FCC