Looking back on Nokia N73 in 2022

When Nokia N70 was released back in 2005, my contract with the local operator was ending and I wanted to get this phone so badly. I really loved that phone, but then Nokia N73 arrived in the stores at the end of 2006. That phone was a successor of a well-received and well-liked N70. Everything that N70 brought to the market was improved on the Nokia N73. Well, almost everything since the processor stayed the same, if I remember well.

However, the main camera was improved with Zeiss lenses and a new sensor, and Symbian OS was refreshed too. The battery was bumped up to 1100 mAh, and stereo speakers were included also. I think that Nokia brought mini SD cards which was a huge improvement over RS-DV-MMC that came with N70.

I liked the compact and clean design of the N73, and the camera cover was much better done. Anyhow, our Abdulla Zaki, or also known on YouTube as Mr Nokia, did a nice overview of the Nokia N73 which I recommend watching below.


I still like my Nokia N70 and turn it on from time to time, but that Nokia N73 was something special. Have you ever owned Nokia N73? If you still have it, share a photo of it in the comments.