RichGo announcing on ear ANC Nokia headphones

RichGo products are not usually available worldwide, but some of their Nokia products are, and this new one is pretty interesting. After announcing various wireless regular and ANC earbuds in all sorts of shapes and sizes, RichGo has finally announced over ear active noise-cancelling headphones.

The design is the same as the classic Nokia Essential Wireless Headphones E1200 sold by Nokia Mobile, RichGo and Flipkart. Nokia E1200 ANC should be available in black or beige color. The driver is the same 40mm speaker, but what’s new is the BT 5.1 connectivity and the 700 mAh battery, which is supposed to last 50 hours without the ANC option and 24 hours with the ANC turned on.

These headphones support a low-latency connection that’s great for gaming, and still come with a 3.5mm audio jack and cable so you can use them as regular headphones when the battery dies. The best thing about the Nokia E1200 is the foldable design, which means you will not lose as much space in your bag or backpack.

Unfortunately, RichGo usually sells its product in the Asian market, but maybe there’s a chance to see these headphones elsewhere since Nokia Mobile sold the regular E1200 as its own audio product. The price is not known.

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