Nokia 8110 4G popped up in The Matrix Resurrections?

The holidays season are a perfect time for watching some old Christmas specials like Die Hard or Home Alone, or checking out some new stuff like Don’t look up or the fourth part of the Matrix trilogy. While Don’t Look Up is a good movie, a modern take on legendary Idiocracy, the fourth Matrix is something that many expected, especially Nokia fans where the legendary Nokia 8110 phone popped up.

I won’t be spoiling the movie or saying how I perceived it, but I will say that in the very beginning you can see a familiarly looking phone used by a programed character that Mr Thomas Anderson has created.

It seems that movie producers used the new version of Nokia 8110, or the KaiOS running Nokia 8110 4G which was announced as a Nokia Originals series feature phone in 2018. The phone shows up in two frames, and in the first (head photo) one it looks a bit altered, but in the second you can clearly see it resembles a lot to black 8110 4G.

Nokia Mobile hasn’t said officially anything about its iconic phone showing up in the movie but it Matrix couldn’t resurrect without a Nokia 8110 phone, so…

Thanks Ibrahim for the tip 😉