Android 12 on Nokia X20 | What’s New? (Video)

Android 12 lands on Nokia X20
Android 12 lands on Nokia X20

On the 14th of December we received the positive news that the Nokia X20 will be the first Nokia Mobile device to get Android 12 officially, and today we take a closer look at all the features that Android 12 brings to the Nokia X20, giving you an idea about what to expect when it lands on your own supported Nokia device. You can see all the new features in action here:

Here is a list of the changes we noticed so far:

What is New

  • The X20 now supports Monet, for some basic theming options depending on your background
  • New wallpaper and style screen, ability to change toggle colors and change grid settings
  • App Suggestions for your docked applications instead of fixed icons only
  • Redesigned widgets screen with search functionality, more clear grouping by apps, new Android 12 widgets like the clock
  • Newly redesigned notification bar, bigger toggles. 4 minimized, 8 maximized
  • Better defined notifications
  • Power button access from the notification bar
  • Google Search bar at the top of google feed, as if we needed another way to use google search
  • Redesigned Settings menu, bigger text, big labels at the top, black and white icons
  • Notifications get a separate settings menu, no longer with apps, easier to fine-tune your notifications
  • In the battery settings, a new super battery saver added to X20, still can’t choose when battery saver works, only at 20%
  • The battery usage graph only shows 3 hours ago, not since full recharge. Why???!
  • Storage settings have different grouping than before. Images and videos are separate, documents get a separate tab. The system now takes up 12 gigabytes of storage for some reason.
  • Option to access your wallet from lock screen from inside display settings
  • Extra Dim Display from inside accessibility, which turns your display brightness dimmer than what your brightness slider can do
  • One-handed Mode finally added to stock android. From accessibility settings, can be accessed by swiping down from the bottom of the screen, brings top of the screen down.
  • Live captions (inside accessibility) give you more fine-tuning over what you want to see. Hiding profanity, etc
  • New Privacy Dashboard shows all the apps that used your location, camera, microphone and more in the past 24 hours
  • Safety and emergency get their own settings menu

So what do you think of the new update on the Nokia X20? Have you received the update yet on your X20? Any bugs or issues to report? Share your experiences with us in the comments!