Affordable Nokia Suzume with Android 12 incoming

Nokia Suzume is a new Nokia device tested with Android 12 OS. The name popped up on Geekbench just recently, and it is probably an affordable smartphone based on the single and multi core test results. Nokia Suzume will be coming with octa-core processor, most likely a 14nm Exynos 7884 processor which is used in Samsun’s A10 device.The device should also be coming with 3 GB of RAM, which is nice for the affordable class of devices.


This piece of info is interesting since it suggests a new partnership between Nokia Mobile and Samsung to use Samsung’s processors for the affordable Nokia smartphones. Geekbench test results haven’t revealed much, but a code name Suzume suggests it is a device from a Marvel superhero device group which has been conceived during Juho’s time at Nokia Mobile.

Exynos processors haven’t been praised in the past and I do hope that 7884 is good enough for  Android 12, since this particular processor was announced when Android 9 was ruling the market.