Nokia announced new 5G mmWave indoor antennas

While the next industrial revolution or shortly Industry 4.0 relies a lot on fast internet offered by 5G networks, the standard smartphone consumer is pretty much happy with the current 4G speeds. 5G networks are considerably improving the internet speeds, and one way for service providers to use it is over the Fast Mile beacon, for example. Those beacons are leverage low-band (sub 2Ghz) or mid-band (2-6 GHz) frequencies. Another way to offer super fast 5G internet for many is by using indoor antennas, and Nokia has its solution ready for the market.

Nokia’s 360 High Gain 5G mmWave technology relies on a high band spectrum known as mmWave (24 GHz to 40 GHz). These are very high gain antennas that allow high-quality service and good indoor coverage in difficult circumstances. Antennas can pick up mmWave signals from any direction, both indoor and outdoor reflections.

Nokia is using analytical software to select the strongest and thus most reliable signal. The technology Nokia is announcing is actually taking a snapshot of the environment, does the analysis of the signals, and connects to the best one.

Nokia offered some more details of it which you can check here.


Source Nokia