Season 1 of Nokia Chronicles ends with Rita El Khoury

Aussie duo Adrian and Justin, are finishing up the first season of Nokia Chronicles with another Nokia legend, Rita El Khoury. I truly didn’t know that Nokia Chronicles has episodes, and I believe that Aussies didn’t know about that also :). Now I have a lot of questions for them, and I’ll start with when will the season 2 start, what are we going to be doing for the next few weeks, days or months? If you do have a question for the dudes, just leave them in the comments.

The first season counts 26 episodes, and in the final one, Aussies are bringing the co-author of Symbian Guru with Ricky Cadden, and later an author and now a managing editor at Android Police site. Rita shared how she started writing for Symbian Guru, and what Nokia meant for her and how it affected her life. She is such a sweet person, which is a true Nokia fan who left her calling of pharmacists and became a tech writer.

She had an opportunity to be in the very beginning of the creation of the Nokia Community since the base for the whole project was Symbian geeks writing about Nokia phones and software. Nokia Community is something that still keeps us being active about Nokia as a brand and company, and whenever I’m talking about Nokia and some of its iconic phones it brings joy to me and also to Rita, which was rather enthusiastic talking about Nokia memories.

The final episode is almost two hours long, but full of Nokia emotion, so click the photo and enjoy episode 26.

Kudos to the Aussies for making a great season of Nokia Chronicles and bringing up some of the icons of the Nokia world.