Ricky Cadden from Symbian Guru opened up in Nokia Chronicles podcast

Aussie duo (Adrian and Justin) brought Ricky Cadden, which 30+ years old Nokia fans might remember from Symbian Guru and Mobile Burn. Ricky opened up to Adrian and Justin and was bringing up times when people were saving money for months to get some of the best Nokia Symbian phones. I remember going to Symbian Guru site as well as Symbian freak to search for the latest apps, wallpapers or tricks that would improve my Nokia N70 or later Nokia N95 8GB.

Ricky was speaking about how Nokia was engaging the community, and created a bond between people and fans that lasts up to these days. I remember even today when Ricky announced he is turning Symbian Guru down in 2010, which really shook the tech world (EngadgetTCintomobile) and even Nokia, which eventually killed Symbian two years later. Ricky also gave his top five Nokia devices, which are completely different from what all the other guests of Nokia Chronicles gave but it is completely understandable since he is a Symbian Guru.

Click on the photo below and enjoy the 40+ minute episode of Nokia Chronicles.