Jolla celebrating 10 years on October 14th

Jolla, an interesting telecommunication company, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this October. I mentioned interesting since the company was founded by ex-Nokia employees back in 2011, and it was based on the MeeGo software, developed by Nokia for its beautiful Nokia N9. During the first few years of existence, Jolla was trying to become a phone manufacturer, but nowadays they are focused on Sailfish OS, a Linux-based, independent, scalable and customizable mobile operating system which they are licensing to various partners.

The celebration will take place in Berlin, where Jolla is organizing a meetup with friends and fans. Since the number of participants is limited, you will need to sign up if you are willing to come to the event. To sign up just click the link, but bear in mind that in accordance with the local COVID-19 restrictions, you should be fully vaccinated (+14 days) or have proof that you are either recovered from COVID-19 or you have a negative test not older than 24 hrs.

Jolla is also planning on honouring some of their community contributors at the party, and the best thing is that the community can nominate the folks that contributed the most to the company, their OS or a device.

We wish Jolla all the best for their 10th birthday, and let there be many more anniversaries like this.