Nokia opens first 5G Future X Lab in Finland

The Finnish IT giant Nokia opened their first 5G Future X Lab in their Headquarters in Espoo, Finland, where customers will have the opportunity to test the suite of Nokia 5G technologies, including equipment, software and services.

The new Lab will showcase live hardware, software and full network slicing, everything under seamless digital operations control. The visitors will also have an “Experience Zone” with demos of Nokia’s technologies and innovation. At MWC19 we did have a demo at Nokia’s booth, so if you’re interested how that looked, check the article here.

Alongside showing Nokia’s achievements, the Lab will also be a research and development facility for for internal Nokia research, prototype development and testing.

Marcus Weldon, Nokia’s Corporate Chief Technology Officer and President of Nokia Bell Labs, said: “The Future X Lab is an extensive build-out of a 5G end-to-end network, enabling customers to explore how a dynamically reconfigurable and automated network can increase network performance in areas of latency, capacity, reliability and security while reducing total cost of ownership. This new state-of-the-art facility is an extension of our Future X Lab in Murray Hill, NJ, and will enable us to better serve European customers and innovate with key industrial verticals.

“We look forward to hosting customers from around the world at either Lab to experience network slicing and learn firsthand how our 5G end-to-end network architecture will help them create new economic value.”

If you’re interested what Future X really is, we have a separate article about that from early 2018 when Nokia coined that term describing the parts of which the suite consists. The official press release also dives deeper into the “highlights of the lab”, so check it out here.