Disassembly and assembly videos of Nokia G50

Nokia G50 is the current best of the G series that brings 5G capable Snapdragon 480 chip and 18W charging to the series. The rest of the specs is pretty much the same as in Nokia G20, and so is the internal build quality. The device frame sides are coated in polycarbonate plastic, and on the back is glass with a mat finish. All of that makes it warm to the touch. Since the frame is fully made of aluminium block, Nokia G50 is sturdy enough to endure all the drops that will happen in the next two years of usage.

Techno Rabin shared the disassembly and assembly video that reveals the build quality and the internal component arrangement. Since the glass back is glued to the body, to start the disassembly you’ll need to heat the adhesive holding it. Below the glass is the plastic cover that holds the motherboard and battery in place, and it is screwed to the frame with 15 screws.

The battery can be removed with ease since it is glued to the aluminium frame with pull tapes. below the battery is the heat pipe and a display cable. All in all, Nokia G50 seems rather easy to fix, which will make the cost of repairs low.

Also, check out the assembly video.

Thanks Techno Rabin for the tip 😉