Nokia received ISO 9001 certificate for managing patents

Nokia announced today that their patent management process received the ISO 9001 certificate, symbolizing the high quality of the process spanning the entire lifetime of a patent.

Nokia’s official press release describes ISO 9001 as “world’s best-known standard for quality management systems, with over one million organizations independently certified worldwide.” The certificate provides a “framework for organizations to ensure consistent results when designing, developing, and delivering products and services.”

President of Nokia Technologies, the patent and brand licensing unit inside Nokia, Jenni Lukander said: “Quality is a key priority in our patenting process. We set and apply extremely high standards when we evaluate and file potential patents, so we’re delighted to be one of the first companies to receive this highly respected independent certification for its patent portfolio management.”

Since 2000, Nokia invested over 130 billion euro in Research and development, producing active 20,000 patent families, with over 3,500 patent families declared essential to 5G. In 2020, Nokia spent 4.087 billion euro for R&D, representing 18.7% of company’s net sales. The same year, Nokia Technologies earned 1.4 billion euro in revenue and 1.164 billion euro in profits for brand, technology, and patent licensing.

source: Nokia