Video: Nokia demonstrates their technologies using video games + more about security, Cloud RAN and private networks

Nokia has uploaded new videos showing the capability of their network services and possible uses cases of 5G and Internet of Things (Iot).

In one of videos, Nokia talks about how the virtualization of the radio access network (RAN) in the 5G era can help simplify network operations, and enhance efficiency through the use cloud computing. For service providers, this means minimizing operation and maintenance costs.

In one of the more interesting videos, Nokia shows how its private wireless network can power future 5G airports. This possible use cases will take long discussions, so you better just watch the video below.

Nokia also posted two videos related to network security, which follow down below.

The last video for today shows how Nokia demonstrates its technology to customers by using video games. Or more precisely, video games created for the purposes of the demo to make the demo a better experience. The demo booth is in Nokia’s experience center and a virtual demonstration will soon be held for clients that physically cannot visit the place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.