There’ll be a new Nokia product on October 6

Nokia Mobile
Nokia Mobile is set to launch a new product on October 6, 2021.

Nokia Mobile started teasing another product due to launch on the 6th of October. The teaser didn’t say anything about which device we will be expecting, but the tweet includes a photo featuring devices under different categories, with the one at the far end still in place inside a huge box.

So, we are seeing popular feature phones, Nokia 7.2 (if I’m not wrong)m Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia XR 20. The next one could be something better, the best or maybe something that Nokia Mobile registered for but haven’t offered yet.

And while we don’t want to create a baseless rumor here, we think this may be the Nokia tablet we have been waiting for. I mean, look at the line-up. It has the feature phones, the regular Android Nokia smartphones, as well as the ruggedized Nokia XR20. If we think about it, the only missing category in the table are the tablets.

It is also possible that we are just overthinking. Perhaps, it will just be another regular Nokia device featuring a Snapdragon 480 SoC, with almost the same specification and design like those available Nokia Xs and Gs in the market, albeit priced less. Who knows.

Regardless, the tweet isn’t all that well-received by Nokia fans — a group of people whose hope for the recent restructure were demolished by the company’s rampant use of the Snapdragon 480 SoC in all levels of the market, and are now suffering the wounds caused by the shattered pieces of expectations.

However, we will never really know the overall reaction until the new product launches on the 6th of October. Whether Nokia Mobile will be streaming it on Facebook and YouTube, we have no details yet. We advise that you stay tune as we will also be covering it.

Source: Nokia Mobile