Nokia Chronicles is back with Carol Chen

When you finally think they quit the Nokia Chronicles thingy, the notorious Aussie duo is back with another great guest. Their latest podcast is bringing Carol Chen who is an interesting guest because Carol is an ex-Nokian and also an ex-Jolla employee where she went to work after Nokia.

Carol talked about her days in Nokia, where she spent more than 8 years of her life. She mentioned that the rivalry was existing between software development teams since Nokia was developing Symbian, MeeGo, S40 and many other software for its wide variety of phones.

Carol answered many interesting Symbian and MeeGo questions that Adrian and Justin prepared for her, and the answers are something you need to hear for yourself.

The show is 1 hour and 39 minutes long, but an ideal for after lunch relaxation. So, click the Nokia Chronicles image below or the link and get cosy.