Nokia plans to hire 500 people in Finland

Ever since Nokia sold its devices and Services department back in 2014, the company has been trying to reinvent itself once again. Nokia did that many times in its 156 years long history, and it is still doing it with one goal only, to be the best in the market. Nokia turned mostly to networks and all that follows that business. After the Finns acquired Alcatel Lucent, the transformation hit an even faster pace, but it was not enough. A great number of Nokia employees lost their jobs due to the cost-saving plans and reorganisation process Nokia was going through with its former CEO, but things are slowly changing. For the better.

When 5G networks finally started being a reality, Nokia started hiring a lot of specialized workers in permanent job positions. HS reports that during the period between 2018 and 2020, Nokia hired 1200 people in Finland and that the plan is to hire 500 more there.

It is good to hear that slightly more than 50% of the people employed by Nokia are Finnish citizens, and the rest are citizens of other countries. There are 59 nationalities working at Nokia, and all of them are hired based on their competence. Nokia is hiring the best applicants around the world regardless the nationality what is needed if the company wishes to be the best in the very competitive market.

Anyways, good to hear that Nokia is still hiring and Nokia is also sharing the news over Youtube and other platforms. It is good to know that the new job positions are in Finland, which is considered the happiest country in the world and probably the best to live in. Well, I guess it is nice there when it is not cold, although it is much nicer to be in Croatia during hot summer days.

If you are working at Nokia, do share your experiences of being employed there.