Rumors: Nokia X coming to China on April 27th?

If you had a trip down the memory lane reading the title, to be more precise, to 2014, you’re not alone. A recent rumor from China suggest that HMD mind bring back an “old”, better to say familiar Nokia name that was technically announced after Nokia and Microsoft made the acquisition public, but before the deal was complete. We’re talking about Nokia X, the first Android device with the Nokia logo, that was announced at MWC2014 together with the Nokia XL and Nokia X+.

Nokia Mobile, allegedly, started teasing the Nokia X in China on billboards with the text mentioning “27th of April”. The X is also illustrated with two devices (I guess these are the sides of the upcoming X?), under which we have the text “Nokia X” and already mentioned date. It’s good to mention that X in Nokia X isn’t “ten” as in iPhone X (ten). It’s the letter X just like from the 2014 model(s).

We don’t know much about the specifications, but the well known source from Nokibar Baidu forum that goes behind the name “God” stated that the device should be available in variants with MediaTek and Snapdragon CPUs, as well as 4GB+64GB and 6GB+64GB memory configurations. Other information like “will it have a notch” or “will it be available outside China” are unknown. We will have to wait till 27th to see if this teaser is legit.

The “original” Nokia X

If you ever wondered why Nokia released the Nokia X back in 2014 during the sales process to Microsoft, the book Operation Elop says that the Nokia X series of devices were the Plan B for Nokia if the acquisition for some reason fails (because of shareholders, regulators or other reasons). Microsoft also released a successor to the Nokia X in July 2014, called Nokia X2. The Nokia X family of devices was quite popular in China, and I still remember the Nokia X6 and X7 from Symbian days, so it will be interesting to see if this rumor comes true. What do you say? 🙂

via: VTechgraphy

source: Baidu