Nokia TA-1394 coming to Brasil?

A new Nokia model got certified by Brazil’s Agency of National Telecommunications ANATEL. This agency is similar to the FCC in the USA and offers certificates with details about operating frequencies, SAR levels, test reports, user manuals, and so on. The model number that got certified is TA-1394, and it has not been seen before.

The model number can’t give us any clue about which Nokia device is heading to Brasil, nor we can connect it with a similar known model number since those are not assigned in any particular order, even for the same model. There isn’t a lot of info about it on FCC, which offers searches for an ANATEL. If you type TA-1394 there, you get info that this certificate is historical and that it got approved. But, if you put any other known model number, you pretty much end up with the same.

Anyways, it is good to know that Nokia Mobile didn’t forget Brasil completely and that they still have a plan to bring new Nokia devices. Brasil used to be a stronghold for the Nokia brand, and Nokia even had a manufacturing plant there. That is how important Brasil used to be as a market, and I hope Nokia Mobile can make Nokia phones more present there. The phones currently being marketed through Nokia socials in Brasil are Nokia 1.4 and 2.4. I think that Brasil deserves the latest C, G and X series.

Thanks Pinguins Móveis for the screenshot!